A new, more fun safety flag for boaters this summer- WakeFlag


WakeFlag has turned safety into fun with its new product, WakeFlag; a traditional skier-down flag with a built in water blaster that squirts water. The bright orange flag is clearly visible to other surrounding boaters and lake goers to indicate others are in the water near by. The blue foam handle has a built in water blaster that also keeps the WakeFlag afloat when accidentally dropped in the water.

To use the water blaster feature, simply put the end of the blue handle of the WakeFlag into the water and pull back both ends; this loads water into the handle. When ready, safely aim the end of the blue handle in the direction you want to squirt with water and press both ends together. SPLASH!

WakeFlag is not only a fun water blaster toy, but fun learning tool to educate children and other new boating families about safety and awareness on the water. You can find WakeFlag products at  WakeFlag.com and other select boat dealers around the US.